1 cup gluten free  oat

3/4 cup  any dairy free yogurt plan( if you don’t have then you can use half fresh lemon or lime ,fresh  juice or your taste)

2 tablespoons  oil corn or canola or your choice

Total vegetable is one cup, you can  use  any your choice,I put this.

1/4  cap carrot,wash and shredded them

1/4  cup   Beal  pepper any color or green wash and cut in small

1/4  cup peas wash and just crush little,fresh or frozen


1/4 cup  spinach or cabbage wash and cut very small

1/4 cup  urda  dal( witches black splits lentils without skin )

1 inch Pieces of ginger

2 green  chili pepper wash and cut  ( optional)

1 teaspoon  cumin seed

1/4   teaspoon  ajwain seed

if you have fresh turmeric then one inch pieces,wash and  cutting small pieces (optional)

4 or 5 curry leaves ( optional)

this   is split lentil  and oat above pictur



1: Put  pan   on   stove let get hot then  add oil let get hot add ginger and turmeric pieces let them cook 3or4 scend , Then  add ajwain seed ,green chili and curry leaves, let fry them 5 scend then put your lentils in keep and stir,make sure they don’t  get burn.When  lentils start  gatting rost and little golden, then  add oats in and   all vegetable roast both until  oat  get golden,  it will take 3 to 5 minutes.

2: then add  2 cup of water and salt to taste mix well,keep stove on low heat and let cook 3  minute,then put cumin seed, yogurt in mix well and cover half way ,keep and stir in between so won’t get stick on pan, let cook 3 to 4 minutes you will see all look so tender soft then it ready to serve .

Here we go our oat upma is ready to eat ,it is good breakfast or lunch or any  time .

Note: this is vegan, allergy friendly, gluten free, dairy free, nut free




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