INGREDIENTS.   ( it is very  simple and easy to make)

3 medium size carrotsj

1/4  cup  splits moong  lentils( they all so call Dal )

1  medium size potato

1  medium  size tomato

1/4   cup  coriander leaves

4  curry leaves (optional)

1  tablespoon  oil corn or canola or your choice

1/4  teaspoon  ajwain seed

1  teaspoon  cumin seed

1/8   teaspoon fenugreek seed

1/2  Fresh lemon  for fresh lemon juice

salt to taste

If you like little spicy then use 2 fresh green chili ( optional)

1 1/2  Inch ginger piece


1 :wash carrot,(if you like to peel them you can do,I don’t ) than cut in to 2 inch pieces.wash potato  and cut into 2 inch pieces.Wash tomato and cut to,then wash lentils good 3 or 4 time .

2: Put pot on stove medium low heat, add oil in let get hot ,  add fenugreek seed,ajwain seed curry leaves  and let them fry 3or4 scend.Then  add your lentils in mix well,then  add  all your vegetable in ,Carrot,potatoe  tomato. add  3cup water in  add salt mix well and let cook on medium heat for 10 minutes until your lentils and vegetable  are cook .

3: Let cool  for about 10 minutes ,and bland in blander nicely very smooth like  pure. Then put in pot  add  some water and make your  consistency,then add lemon juice cumin seed ,and let boil 7 to 10 minutes, add  coriander leaves mix and cover,and trun stove of . Make sure lemon and salt to your taste or adjust before you served.



Here we go our soup is ready to can serve hot with some rice or quinoa,or gluten free Roti,Paratha,Naan,or Bread

Note: This is vegan,allergy friendly, gluten free, dairy free, nut free.






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