Zucchini Patties


4 Medium Green Zucchinis
3 Small Carrots
1/2 Sweet Red Pepper
1 Cup Tofu (Finely Diced or Shredded)
1/4 Cup Ground Flax Seeds
1 Cup White Flour or Quinoa Flour (Gluten Free)
3/4 Cup Corn Oil (Canola)


Wash and Shred the Zucchini, Carrots and Peppers
Mix all with the Tofu
Add the Flax Seeds and Flour and Mix Well.
Take the mixture and roll into Balls that are size of Golf Balls.
Flatten each ball into a circular Disk.
Heat oven to 400 degrees.
Take a baking tray, spread half of the oil into this baking tray.
Put a small metal tray or oven safe bowl filled in water at the bottom of the oven.
This will allow the Patties to stay moist while baking.
Add the patties onto the baking tray and drizzle remainder of the oil onto the patties.
Let bake for 15 minutes.
Lower the Oven temprature to 350 degrees and flip the patties.
Let it bake for another 15 minutes or may be upto 20 minutes depending on oven.
They should bake until Golden Brown on each side.

Serve hot with Sauce or Chutney

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