1  1/2 bose pear, wash and shredded

1/4 cup of grind oat

2 tablespoon any non-dairy butter /or any your favor shortening /or your choice oil

3 cups of non-dairy milk

1/4 cup of jaggery

2 cardamom

10 string of saffron, put in one tablespoon non-dairy milk, and keep


1:Take the pan and put on the stove low heat, add butter in the pan and let get melt, then add oats and roast the oat on very low heat, until it gets little to change the golden color, then add pear and roast all to gather until all it nice and golden, turn the stove off and add jaggery and stir for 2 minutes until jaggery get all mix and melt,  meanwhile, put 2 cardamoms in milk and put milk in the microwave for 15 minutes,( we need milk little good boil, on the stove it gets stick to the pan very easily and small burn) your microwave is too strong then do accordingly to you.

2: Oat and pear are ready, and milk is ready to pour, let pour the milk in the oat and pear mixture, add saffron milk, pumpkin seed, raisin (save some for garnish), and mix all to gather and let cook for 2 minutes keep and stir so it won’t get stick to the pan, let little cool then put in the refrigerator and let get cool about 1 hour.

3:Our delicious dessert is ready to serve, garnish with raisin and pumpkin seed.

Note: This is a delicious dessert, vegan, allergy-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free,and nut -free.

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