1/4 pack ( about 4 0z ) brown rice spaghetti pasta ( or any gluten-free    pasta you have )

1 cup veggies balls ( for veggies ball use recipe from

1 tablespoon  olive oil /or your choice

1 teaspoon oregano ( fresh or dried)

1 teaspoon basil ( fresh or dried)

2 tablespoon fresh lemon or lime juice

1 medium-size onion, washed and finely chopped

2 medium-size tomatoes, washed and finely chopped

1/2 teaspoon red chili flakes ( or your taste)

1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

3 cloves of garlic wash and finely chopped ( optional)

1/4  cup  coriander/ or cilantro  leaves wash and chopped

salt to taste


1: For veggies boll use recipe from

I use BROWN RICE SPAGHETTI ( you can use any gluten-free)

1: Cook spaghetti to package instructions, just add some salt and two tablespoons fresh lemon juice in water, to give taste batter. ( save some  pasta water for use in later)

you can see cook spaghetti  in the picture

2: Put the pan on stove medium-low heat, add garlic if are using, let cook few seconds, add onions and let cook until it becomes soft, then add tomatoes cook until it becomes soft, ( not mushy)  then add oregano, basil, chili flakes, salt to taste. (  remember we add some salt when we cook ) Mix all well and add half a cup pasta water from we save, then add spaghetti, and mix all well.

3: Add Veggie bolls in the mix very gently, and let cook two minutes, add coriander leaves and mix all well, turn the stove off,  serve hot any time of day.

look at the picture our luscious healthy tasty spaghetti is ready.

Note: This is  a very healthy delicious tasty meal, very easy to make.  This is vegan, allergy-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free,

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