1 red  kidney beans

salt to taste

1: Take red kidney beans that depending on your family, how much that you can use four or five-time, then soak them in water overnight, then wash them with clean water, and cook them in the pressure cooker, with salt /or if know how to cook instant pot you can do that. Put beans in a pressure cooker, add salt to taste, and add water in, all beans have to cover with water and one-inch water has to be above beans. Then cover the lid of the cooker, put the whistle on, and put on stove high heat, let go whistle for time, then turn the stove off and let get them cool.

2: Let the pressure release itself,  it will take ten minutes, then open the cooker and wash beans, let them get cold then feel in a freezer bag and freeze them, when you need take out one bag deforest them and use them, it becomes very easy.

look they are in the pressure cooker ready to cook.


Look in this picture they cooked and wash and ready to put in a bag and freeze them. And take out as you need.

you  can see in  picture  freezer bags filled  with cook lentile.

Note: when you need next time you just take out and defrost them and use that make so easy, you can make Taco, Brito, Nachos, many other things.You can do samething with chick peas.

This all so vegan,allergy-friendly, gluten-free,dairy-free,nut-free.




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