2 cup shredded carrot ( befor you shredded wash them )

1 1/2  cup  fresh cut pineapple  ( you can use from can one to )

4  cup  none dairy milk of   your choice

2  tablespoon  none dairy butter,or corn or canola oil,or any

1  teaspoon  cardamoms powder

10  strings saffron

1/4  cup pumpkin seed ( you allow to eat almond then use 1/4 cup slices almond)

1  1/2 cup sugar ( or to your taste)


1:  Crush  pineapple in blander and keep side,  and  add  one tablespoon milk  from what you have in saffron and keep  side. Take  none  stick or heavy pan,  and put  pan on stove medium low heat, add none dairy butter in let melt,then add  shredded carrot in and let cook 5 minutes,or until they get little soft .keep and stir so won’t get burn or stick to pan.


2: Now carrots  is done, add all your milk in mix well keep and stir until   it starts getting thick, add   sugar in and mix well ,add   crush pineapple in mix well and let cook about  30 minutes. Make sure you keep and stir,  and make sure it won’t get burn or stick to pan. if (burn you not going to like that smell)  when it all most ready  and get thick and nice then  add cardamom powder and saffron  milk and pumpkins seed( keep some pumpkin seeds for garnish) and let  cook 3or4 more minutes.

3: When it ready it will start coming of  from pan  and won’t stick to finger,then it ready. Serve hot  you can eat for dessert,or snack or any time of day .

Here we go pineapple halwa is ready to eat.

Note: This  delicious dessert,  it is vegan,allergy friendly gluten free, dairy free, nut free.





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