1/2 gallon soy milk

1 cup fresh lemon juice /or you can use vinegar mix with water

2 tablespoon vinegar and 1 cup water mix both and you can use that



1: Take the microwave-safe glass bowl, put soy milk in, and put it in the microwave, for 25 minutes. ( Your is too strong then put 20 or 15 minutes)

2: Take out milk and let get cool for one minute then pour lemon juice in, and mix with a big spoon very slowly until water and paneer get separated, then put cheesecloth in a strainer and put all your paneer in and let all water drain from paneer. Start cold water from the faucet for a minute, so lemon juice wash off, then fold the cheesecloth and tight cloth with some string and hang for 1 hour, so all water drain from paneer and become nice thick boll.

3:Then take a kitchen towel and put paneer on that, and rube with your hand gently to make smooth, then make boll in meddle of the towel and fold towel from all side, then put the dish on that and press with hand, then put some weight on for 5 minutes, it will become nice and tait flat square, put that in the refrigerator for 1 hour then take out, and put on the dish it is ready to cut.

now look at the picture your panner is ready to use.


Note: This is vegan,allergy-friendly, gluten-free,dairy-free, nut-free, homemade, paneer, plant-based, and delicious.

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